DIY Tech Training Courses

Following are list of the courses available from DIY Tech Training:

DIY Tech Support

We will teach you the fundamentals of today’s technology so you can comfortably and safely support you own equipment and networks.  How to build you home network to support future technology.  How to keep yourself save in the digital world.


DIY Teen/Youth Protection

We will work through the social media threats and other dangers lurking on the internet.  Provide you with useful tools to help monitor your teens activities.  Show you how to turn some of the bad things into useful information especially if your teen is in trouble.


DIY Cutting the Cord/Internet TV

Television/Entertainment is changing daily.  There are already many options to choose from but some can be confusing.  We will walk through both the many offerings available and the technology you can use to watch what you want, when you want.  In the process we will show you how to save money, reduce commercials, setup your home movie service and how to make this part of your life as unique as you.  

DIY Automated Home

Like it or not the home is the next aspect of your life to get automated.  Appliances are already shipping with advanced tools that allow you to control them from anywhere you may be.  Thermostats, door locks, security systems, lights, and much more.  We will show you what the communication options are and how to fit all of this into the WIFI structure you setup so these items operate efficiently and exactly the way you want